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Processing metals is a hard enterprise. World Metal is based on solid family values. The company has been born from the idea of ​​three brothers, three young and vigorous entrepreneurs, of developing their father’s metal working business who has been supporting them ever since.

World Metal Srl is energetically engaged in the commercialization of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous products, and special alloys. Our company pays particular attention to the correct processing of materials and to the protection of the environment. World Metal ensures the fulfillment of all the obligations deriving from the current legislation in the area.

At the commercial level, the company's strengths are constant renewal, attention to technological development in the sector, high productivity, practical advice, customer assistance, punctual payments and delivery. Those who turn to World Metal get the great opportunity to work with reliable and highly qualified professionals and have at disposal the most innovative machinery.

The company is able to attest the highest purity of the differentiated materials processed in the facility. The main objective of World Metal is to market the high-quality products worldwide.


The main services that World Metal offers its customers are:

  • Processing of all types of scrap: solids, hazardous and non-hazardous liquids;
  • Processing construction waste;
  • Collection of ferrous scrap, metals and alloys;
  • Collecting and recycling of all types of waste paper;
  • Shipping and delivery with trucks equipped with spider forklifts and self-propelled cranes;
  • Delivery with tractors and trucks in compliance with the ADR regulations;
  • Private and industrial demolition;
  • Demolition and delivery of machinery and equipment;
  • Transfers of all types of machinery, equipment and materials;
  • Clean-up operations of areas with the presence of asbestos and environmental remediation of polluted or abandoned areas (investigation and site characterization).