From 9 to 11 October, after the BIR London Convention, World Metal will participate at the prestigious international fair that will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany. Aluminium 2018 is a good opportunity to get to know and be known. The fair offers its participants an overview of everything related to the material having the same name. It is a sort of international platform for the suppliers of raw materials, producers and customers. The finished products, the semi-finished products, the external and internal treatments will be discussed. This sort of expert consultation will allow its participants to find innovative guidelines and opinions. The knowledge regarding the separation of metals and aluminum will be particularly important for our company. The aforementioned meeting is also attended by machinery manufacturers and plant project designers. Participants will be able to exhibit and present their products. Aluminium is the most important event in the industry that allows its participants to build new business relationships. For our company this fair is a great opportunity to be updated, explore and grow.